Soi 6 – the Sexiest Street in Pattaya

Soi 6 is a small road that runs between Beach Road and Second Road north of Central Pattaya  (Pattaya Klang) Road. It is a road notorious for short time bars. A visit to Pattaya is not complete without visiting this soi.

Generally the bars in the soi are small closed bars. Some are like mini-gogo bars while others just have seats, tables and music playing inside. Some bars have areas open to the public. The bars have short time room upstairs. Generally the bars are open between 1pm and 1am.

As you walk down the soi you will be encouraged to enter bars by the female hosts. However, be aware that not everything are as seems and some of the bars have ladyboys in. See how many ladyboys you can see in the video. The encouragement to enter bars ranges from suggestive gestures to physically trying to pull you into the bar. You will get the idea early in the video.  Before entering a bar a good suggestion is to select your host before entering the bar. This policy means that guys will walk along the soi until they find a host that they would like to get to know.

The video provides a good insight into the feel of the soi. It spans both day and night and a good selection of the different features of Soi 6. Any man will certainly feel sexy on Soi 6. The video ends with the words love but don’t look for that on this soi.

Update 3 August 2010: Unfortunately this video has been removed from Youtube. It has been reposted elsewhere but I can not stop it auto-playing so I have placed the video on a separate page to preserve the nature of this page. Click the image below to view this video.

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